William Desmond Taylor

William Desmond Taylor, chief director of the Famous-Players-Lasky Studios, was found murdered in his home in 1922. (AP Photo)

93 years unsolved

Mable Normand,  Asa Keyes

Mabel Normand, screen star of the 20’s, was one of the many prominent figures who were questioned after the slaying of film director William Desmond Taylor in his Hollywood home on Feb. 1, 1922. (AP Photo)

Born in Ireland, William Desmond Taylor was an actor and director in the era of silent films in a budding Hollywood. He directed 60 films and acted in 27.

Taylor's body was found in his home on the morning of Feb. 2, 1922, having died the evening before. He had been shot in the back with a small caliber pistol.

A large amount of money and valuables was on the body.

Although many suspects were named, the case remains unsolved. Poor crime scene management, corruption and sensationalized reports contributed to the failure to identify the killer.

  • "Taylorology" - an online archive/journal devoted to the case

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