Keith Stevens

"Lazy golfers"? there any other kind??

Send her back! Send her back!....the Statue of Liberty, that is...

Ditto...and I'm guessing his net worth is somewhere in the triple digits...if that.

Yep...nothing like having a 70 year old juvenile in charge of a major world power...good job, kiddo!

wonder what he'll do about his line of ties made in Jina...

Well this might explain why if you didn't buy your car at Robert Allen Nissan, you probably paid too much!! Ha!

And the key word in this article: "unintelligible"...

Keith Stevens commented on Why I fly a Confederate flag

James, glad you enjoy living in Tampa...please stay there...thank you.

Keith Stevens commented on Gianforte is a party man

and what's more frightening than that? That a lot of people actually like the guy! What does does that say about the state of society today??

Keith Stevens commented on Why I fly a Confederate flag

Fyi: the confederate flag had 13 stars for the southern Confederate States of America, not the original 13 states when the US was formed. The original flag had stars and stripes with a circle of 13 stars in the blue field.

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