Sherman Potter


Native Montanan, tho my ancestors were here 10,000 years before most so-called "Native Montanans" were

Home town


....And here I thought if i didnt buy a car from Robert Allen Nissan I might pay too much. Looks like Robert Allen may not have paid enough 😂....

He can stick that it his ranty webcast and smoke it. Oh, wait, they can’t smoke in the federal penitentiary....

I’m hopeful he’ll fully “explore” whether or not he’s still years’ overdue on homeowner association fees.

So wrong. The Catholic Church should anticipate that many of it’s parishoners will wisely boycott the Diocesonal / Bishop’s annual appeals, etc until we see that a public statement regarding the priests’ appearance at the rally, as well as laying out the sort of discipline that each of the H…

Coverage wasn’t biased against Helena area gun owners, of which i count myself a member. When you have some of Helena wildest and wackyest present at the gun rally, the covereage only underscored the fact that these weren’t gun nuts assembled on the north lot of the capitol, they were inste…

Man is a nut, plain and simple.

Sherman Potter commented on Chamber of Commerce:

Informative. Thanks. I assume your member services staffer was away at the Cliven Buncy gathering over near Missoula and not able to pen this? Breath of fresh air.

“You are not a Commissioner for the money, ego, and or your personal agenda and biases.“ Really, Mark Burzynski??

Hopefully the movie gets shown here in Helena

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