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Caity Stern commented on Border wall needs more analysis

AMEN Frank!!!!!

BLAH BLAH BLAH if Obama would have recommended it, you would have no problem with it. Get over it Trump is president and trying to improve this country, I don't understand peoples thinking, or lack of it!!!!!

Get a grip Giles and come back to reality. We the American people voted Mr. Trump in as President get over it!!! He has done more for this country than Obama ever did in his eight years. Trump is trying to turn this country around but people like you make it impossible and try to stop him…

Caity Stern commented on Stupid is as stupid does

As a tax paying citizen, I would rather see 8 million go towards a wall that is protection for ALL Americans versus put into a welfare program that is given to a few but funded by all of us working people.

You are right Ron it really is sickening to watch!!!!

Caity Stern commented on Trump is like a grade-school brat

You are right Dean, the wall is important for ALL Americans and if it wasn't President Trump asking for it, it would already be done.

Of course the democrats top priority is more welfare....shocking!!!!

Gag me, it's sickening these feel good projects and from California no less, that's a double slap in the face to Montanans!!! You can't change history no matter how much it hurt's your feelings!

Caity Stern commented on Daines needs to stand up to McConnell

So true Fred!

Give me a break another bunch of rubbish!!!