Barbara Barnes

I think I scoured the article and can't find the 80 hour a month requirement you refer to. Would you help me find that wording? I can't imagine. Seems some of the senators don't understand who gets helped by medicaid expansion..

Beyond the pale. So cynical, so words.

I thought that too, but the more I go the more welcome I feel at 61 years young.

Great man, owns his missteps, does the best he can and supports others.

Great place, great guy and sweet crew

Good point

I've experienced the rehab at St Petes and especially the author's work... they are amazing. I chose out of Helena cardiologist care, but would not ever hesitate to use the rehab... ever!!!! They rock! Kind, able to personalize, very professional and capable, compassionate and just the right…

"In one death case the Children's Justice Bureau reviewed, a letter saying allegations of abuse were found unsubstantiated was sent seven months after the investigation was closed — and one month after the child died." Completely unacceptable. Completely.

Grateful for such a class act and a fair minded, level headed Judge. Enjoy your retirement!

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