Scott Owen

Connie, I am so sorry for what your family has had to endure. From the outside looking in this seems pretty ridiculous, best of luck.

Absolutely, should have added that, thanks Joane.

"People are just lazy, stuck in their ways, or in need of a reason to complain." Or just perhaps people are busy and there are more convenient options, eh?

Worse than either category is people throwing cigarette butts out the window to end up in lakes and rivers. Golfers and shopping carts, meh, cigarette butts in the Missouri concerns me more.

Likely spambots.

Dan, you have 21 comments at this point and only 1 is about the article, nobody should have to scroll past that garbage, nuff said.

Dan Moore said: "Yeah, OK Scott. I guess you need to also take back your statement that somehow you are the gatekeeper and I shouldn't be allowed to comment on local issues such as this one." Maybe you should just cut and paste one comment for every article since it devolves into the same…

Dan said "Scott - Born in Helena - Live in Helena" My bad, I thought when we interacted you said California for some reason. That doesn't change my view on the constant bickering between you two.

The other problem is that Dan and Clay don't even stick to the topic at hand. One of them comments on an article, the other attacks, and then they both crash off course in a ridiculous barrage of insults that has nothing to do with the article they commented on in the first place. Then it…

Dan, it was 8 years, and I grew up a short distance from here. Aren't you in California?The point is that I am a local citizen and this is a local issue. As are many that you and Clay go the rounds on when I don't see why it would even concern you. It's very strange.

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