Rodney Richard

What did the county do with the 1.5 million they received from the Fed's for flood mitagation

What happen to the 1.5 Million the county got from the Fed's ?

Just like all the Idiots who realected Tester

I'm with Dan what happens if a fire brakes out in Jefferson city if there responding to the west side of Helena? I wonder if there money tied to how many call's responded too Federal Money?

Rodney Richard commented on Kathleen Williams was born to win

I thought she was from San Fransisco enough said

Great organation that's run for the good of all participets not the few ALLSTARS

Only in Missoula !!!!

I don't need President Trump to tell me what a pile Tester is.

Rodney Richard commented on Vote yes for Sen. Caferro

I will be voting NO for Mary and I live in the new district she running in .

First when we pick up the sand bags stack them on the North side of Ten Mile Creek. Then vote them all out.

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