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If your intent is to cause out-of-towners to shop at the big box stores where parking is free, this is a good recipe for making that happen.

If Helena wants to encourage viable downtown businesses, then downtown parking should be adequate and free for everyone.

Tester will; Daines won't.

"Good reasons to support Gianforte for governor"? Nope, can't think of any.

Hard to believe that R's would side with Trump against Russia. The congressionally approved funds to Ukraine to aid in their defense against a Russian invasion were illegally held up by Trump with no explanation to Congress as required by the Impoundment Control Act of 1974.

When I …

Wasn't it interesting to see how pictures of the Women's March on Washington were doctored (to blur out Trump's name) in the National Archives on posters that had anti-Trump messages?

Trump now has McConnell and Barr acting to keep derogatory information about him from becoming publ…

It is instructive that 100 people reportedly turned out for the anti-abortion movement when 700 people (mostly pro-choice women) turned out for the women's rally.

There are a lot of women (and men) who believe that whether or not to have an abortion should be a personal decision, no…

Bob Balhiser commented on We cannot remain silent about Trump

Yup, John, ever since Bush Jr got us into the Iraq war on our kid's credit card.

Bob Balhiser commented on We cannot remain silent about Trump

You are not an independent if you are asking questions like this.

Bob Balhiser commented on We cannot remain silent about Trump

Guilini's right hand man, Lev Parnas was spot on when he observed that Trump is a "cult leader". Our Republic will not withstand four more years of this vile person and his corrupt administration.

As a former long-time Republican, I will NOT vote for another Republican until they ri…

Right, Clare, a loud mouthed minority supported by the fossil fuel industry whose own research many many years ago warned of the consequences of continuing to burn fossil fuels.

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