Robin Hossfeld

Oh my ... the independent record is getting so one sided in it’s reporting.
Here they start out by saying Trump “stoked fears” in his supporters.

I know a lot of folks who have gone to his rallies and the only fear he stokes is what will happen if dems take back power.


Found out Logan and Burzynski wanted to hold a public vote. Haliday removed it.

At the end of the war, all veterans were declared veterans. All states remained in the union. All veterans cemeteries mark their graves. All soldiers, both sides, are American patriots.

I wish I knew this was happening. Can someone post their answers about the fountain.

Do not forget how these people treated a veteran memorial statue, and how they are avoiding the reporting of why .... it was a historical monument. It deserved better. My votes Wil NOT go to incumbents.

Elections are coming up for some that pushed this thru. Do not forget how they treated this veterans memorial.

I never thought they would do it ... and when they voted .... I never thought it would be that fast. I planned to go with small group Friday night.

No,we stand with protecting and preserving memorials dedicated to brave American soldiers who fought for their country and died. Read the soldiers letters home, or their diaries. They were not the plantation owners or politicians .... they were proud patriotic Americans defending their coun…

You can put it on my property. I would be proud to honor and remember the brave American soldiers from either side

Robin Hossfeld commented on Gianforte assault grounds for recall?

Watch the video of the assault that magically appeared after the election. Note the female reporter altered her rendition of what happened twice (once during a live tv show). Keep in mind he is pleading No Contest to a Misdemeanor. And keep in mind that first article from IR said 1/3 of vo…

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