Stephen Grobel

2 1/2 years and 35 million and this is the best this putz can do? It is not the President's burden to prove his innocence. The report is a total exoneration. The end. The worm is now turning.

And if there were no known DNR and the patient died while the medical professionals scrambled to verify, they get sued. Kinda like "wrongful birth" cases, outlawed in some states. Medical professionals are trained to save life and act accordingly. Watch for this decision to be v…

Hmmm. Need more info. For what charge(s) did Mr. Mitchell fail to appear? How long had he been a skip and what is the bond amount? Keep in mind that when a bondsman signs for a defendant, the bondsman becomes the defendant's jailor. The bondsman's responsibility is to have the body bef…

Good Lord this Mr. Nelson is tedious.

Medicaid is welfare. We must care for those unable to care for themselves. There is no obligation to care for those capable of self-sufficiency. The more you do for people, the less they will do for themselves. Sadly, that is human nature.

Hey! I thought O care provided everyone health insurance. So why are we messing with this medicaid thingy? Any dems care to weigh in?

Stephen Grobel commented on Citizens must have access to health care

Maizie! I'm so happy that I get to pay for your health insurance! By the way, have we met? A thank you card would be nice. By all accounts you are healthy and able-bodied. Get out of the wagon and help the rest of us pull. There are people that truly need help. You are not one of them.

This is getting so tedious. Just because she says so does not make it true. Her allegation involved another military member and, trust me, the military was then and is now equipped to investigate and, if warranted, prosecute credible allegations of rape. Too little and way too late.

When democrats object, you know you're on target.

Bounty hunters are subject to civil liability, as are the bondsmen who hire them, as are the insurance companies for whom the bondsmen act as agents. You simply work your way up the chain to get to the money. Bounty hunters can also be charged with crimes, and often are, when an attempted …

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