Kurt Voight

BLM is adopting the Bundy method of sage brush removal. Beyond the grouse it also effects Mule deer as sage is a critical winter brouse for them.

Waste ponds always leak eventually. The Hertzler facility in Nye that is the tailings pond at the Stillwater Mine which mining proponents hold up as a state of the art clean mine, has been leaking next to the Stillwater river for years. It is a lined supposedly state of the art facility. I…

Some Trump voters justified their allegiance by saying we need a great business man in charge, you know the one with multiple bankruptcies who got bailed out by the Russians and his father. How's that working for you now?

He is both!

You are right that people stupid enough to smoke might also be poor for the same reason.

Williams has put some thought into her answers and they reflect a moderate balanced position. Gianforte is just regurgitating the Trump/Pruitt extraction industry cheer leading.

What part of sitting don't you understand?

It is appropriate that Rosendale is being supported by a vile creature from Las Vegas .

Why? Because Kavanaugh was a bad nominee for a variety of reasons.

It is kind of late for the mini mariner to fix this although it would give a bonus to his buddies who will respond in kind no doubt. I voted a week ago as did a lot of my neighbors here in the rural part of MT.