Kurt Voight

Daines is complicit with the strategy of branding anyone who disagrees with the supreme leader as un- American , one of the steps to fascism. The courts, the right of congress to investigate malfeasance in the executive branch , and the refusal to respond to the legal process of the respe…

I am sick of hearing that there is an app that..... I don't own a cell phone and I sure don't want to deal with apps. What's next, a law saying you have to have a smart phone glued to your head at all times?

Steve, If you really want to accomplish something, run against Daines.

This move will make it easier for the extractive and subsidized ranching interests to deliver their kick backs.

Mining,the gift that keeps on giving, but wait ,it will be different this time. They are doing "green mining" now with a "social license". What could possibly go wrong?

Crush it to gravel and put it in a septic leach field.

If the state wants to attract young people with brains, it has to find a way past the domination of public policy by the regressive GOP power structure.

And the AG community voted for Trump because?

The modern version of book burning.

Fishing for kickbacks, I mean "contributions"?

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