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Is there some reason the free-market solution doesn't work? Can't private landowners sell the timber?

Laughing Water commented on Why can't we have peace?

Religion can either be used to reinforce an identity or to transcend it. It can be used as a force for war or a force for peace.

Laughing Water commented on Rooftop solar benefits all ratepayers

Environmental damage is also a cost, and it tends to fall most on the poor.

Laughing Water commented on Indigenous Peoples Day is a good call

If you really don't know, try googling "Maya," "Inca," "Aztec" or even "Anasazi." If you're willing to read a book on why European colonialism succeeded, try reading "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond. If you're really just wanting to troll by saying ignorant and bigoted things, the…

I vote for radical overhaul. The ACA was a collection of Republican ideas that protected the interests of the insurance industry. Our system has a super-bloated business bureaucracy with a horrible lack of transparency and accountability, and it seems to be far and away the most wasteful …

Yup, Pay or Die. Gotta love it. Just kidding. That's worse than the current system or even what we had before ACA. Even then hospitals were obliged to provide treatment even if a patient couldn't pay. ACA at least relieved the hospitals from some of that financial burden.

Laughing Water commented on Helena leaders continue to rewrite history

If removing our Euro-centric blinders is rewriting history, I'm all for it. And surely you understand that this decision was not about six people any more than changing it back would be about one person, you? Our nation was founded by Europeans, but it's defined by the principle that peop…

Laughing Water commented on The Democrats' fairy-tale campaigns

Funny, I thought that things like working toward a more efficient health care system, making higher education affordable and defending ourselves against climate change are in fact doing things for our country. Silly me! On a more serious note, Samuelson makes what I consider a fatal mista…

So exactly who IS suited to solve social problems? And how do you solve the social problem of inequality rooted in a history of slavery and institutional racism, a present-day reality of discrimination and a future in which artificial intelligence may give a thumbs-down either because it …

Laughing Water commented on Corporate 'personhood' is not the problem

OK, I got it. The Statue of Limitations should be an orange man with folded arms pouting at a big, beautiful wall. Or maybe he should be holding up his hand in a stop signal that looks suspiciously like a "Heil" salute. Where's Tim Holmes when we need him?

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