Kelly Sargent

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the young life lost and the driver of the pickup.

Why should anyone take pride in honoring the life of a man who brought misery and degradation of the native peoples of this hemisphere? It’s time to give due to the important and overlooked accomplishments of the many indigenous people who inhabited this hemisphere long before it was na…

Prayers to Casey and family

And so the big political career begins with NO accountability.

Frank- coming from the reservation I can freely say things there are not dealt with as it is off the reservation. It is difficult to get tribal police to even file a missing person's report. There are over 100 missing native American people, most of which were never even entered into the sta…

8 Million for a border wall, yet there are families that are homeless, starving in this state, there are families with no jobs, no medical insurance, etc. The drugs are getting out of hand, as are suicides in this state. They cant fund officers in the schools but they can send 8 Million to b…

In sports there are always teams with the same mascot name ir colors. The name isn't trademarked to 1 affiliation. So many more issues in Helena and East Helena let's focus on something that really needs attention.

We are excited to be a part of the 1st graduating class for East Helena.
Sending positive thoughts during this initial phase. I know they will do what is best for our kids.

Prayers to the driver and his family.

Prayers to the little girl and family, that she makes a speedy recovery. With winter weather finally here, everyone needs to take extra time to get to and from destinations.

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