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John Williams


Weather, not climate phil.

I remember getting a sled for Christmas and no snow on the ground.


Interesting you mentioned Republicans were involved phil. Because this extremist liberal piece of propaganda makes it sound like Tester did it all himself.

I just think it will be exactly like Obama's shovel ready jobs or his green energy support of Solyndra. Democrat supporters wil…


John Williams commented on Questions for Montana Republicans

He waived sanctions.

You really need to get better news sources phil, NBC even carried this story.


Iiberal environmentalists won't be happy till the original bison range is open with millions bison and all of the people removed. Which would be devastating to our food supply cause mass starvation hurting women and children the most. And they wouldn't allow non-natives to hunt bison, elk…


John Williams commented on A small price to pay

There is a difference between traffic LAWS and illegal mandates.

We don't allow the police to make illegal searches of our houses because it's a small price to pay.


John Williams commented on Lawmaker's statement was disrespectful

So lw, do you believe our federal officials should also be held to the same standard? Like Biden who said mandates were illegal. Or Obama who said it was illegal to implement DACA but did it anyways. Or Obama and Biden who swore to protect our borders.

If we don't hold our federal o…


Sorry john, your analogy is wrong. We have laws for traffic violations. A mandate is not a law which is why Biden is cheating and forcing businesses to threaten people with loss of their jobs.


Sorry Debbie, you're delusional. There is no state fully vaccinated. Ever hear of religious exemptions. Then there are the workers in the hospital, the taxi driver that took you there and the store where you bought the New York Times.

And just how does it affect you if someone is no…


Biden stated it was illegal to issue a mandate. So he forced businesses to do it for him.

Now the liberals are all upset that the law is being enforced and ask for illegal mandates to be enforced.

This is why democrats should never be in charge.


Healthcare workers were selfless heros when they worked before the vaccine. Now they are a pariah and must be fired even if they had the Chinese virus and don't need the vaccine. And if the vaccine worked you should be protected if you are vaccinated.

Joe Biden said Trump had to go …

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