Lois Simpson

Agreed! This is a really sad situation!

Lois Simpson commented on Exonerated man seeks $97M from state

I would like to know his lawyers share! Cha Ching! Kind of reminds me of the ads you see on TV. If you have been affected by breathing air etc, etc, contact the law office of - Insert name here! [angry]

Lois Simpson commented on Exonerated man seeks $97M from state

Really? Would he have made $97 Million in the 18 years he was incarcerated? Yes, there was an injustice done, but if he wins this then I know how I can become a very rich person! I just need to find a reason to sue the state (or states) that I have resided int! I'm sorry, but I think this…

Honestly, I hope he stays hidden! We don't need this kind of "c**p" in our state! I know it is out there, but, let's just crush their insane thoughts! No room for this in our state!

[censored] Yep! They got rid of staff to do it!

Lois Simpson commented on Shopko to close remaining stores

[crying] So sad! I always depended on Shop Ko for a different kind of clothing than the rest of the stores have. I really hope this trend doesn't continue! We are already so short on clothing stores with decent prices.

So Sorry for these people! They were my go to when K-Mart closed. It seems we are losing our little pharmacies! The ones that get to know you! Best wishes to al of the employees on their last day! [sad]

I think they should have let the Bison take care of his sentence! [angry]

It's sad that this store had to close. I have shopped there for so many years and the pharmacy staff were awesome. I just want to say thank you to the employees that were there at the end. Even though you knew what was coming, you still gave service with a smile. I hope the best for all …

Sharing my thoughts. Why aren't these kids doing a walk out against bullying? Since most of the reasons that these people give for these school attacks is due to this. How many of them are bullies? Is this ok? Instead of blaming the guns and the gun laws, maybe some of them better take …

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