William Turner

You don't force a teacher to carry. You just invite staff that already carry to do so on property. These people usually self select; it's a lot less dramatic than it's made out to be.

It's actually really clear. Middle class Montanans who have been getting buried by Exchange plan premiums can now get insured at a price they can manage. If the plan they choose is "skimpier" than an Exchange plan, so be it. It's their money and their health.

All that needs to change is to allow otherwise qualified school staff to carry concealed on school property. Prohibiting the 99% of people who are good from protecting the kids, when many of them would jump to, leaves the kids as sitting ducks. Maybe Carroll College students should apply a…

This may be unusual for February, but not for winter in Montana. Can we please avoid importing the coastal drama that treats every strong weather event as an occasion for much handwringing, closing of schools, and clucking about the importance of government services.

Theocracy is the risk at one end of the spectrum, amorality the risk at the other. That's why we always end up in the middle.

Donald, thank you for your thoughtful reply. The practical impossibility of discerning the moment when the "mass of cells" becomes a human being, deserving of the same protections as you and me, is why the issue is best settled spiritually. No one has ever figured out how to answ…

Tester is a combination of deceitful good-ol-boy talk and straight-up Schumer/Pelosi party line votes. He tries to deflect Montanans' attention from this by talking constantly about Veterans affairs. He represents the state in haircut only. Time to move on.

Abortion is not basic health care. It is an elective procedure. It is also murder. Ethical public policy will discourage it no less than it discourages stabbing a stranger as we walk down the street.

I don't know which is the bigger burden: the people in the U.S. illegally, or those who constantly build them into innocent victims and thus slow the process of fixing the problem.

What a phony. He would, and will, vote against the bill, on party lines, regardless of what is in it, how clearly it was written, and how long it took. So it really doesn't matter what he thinks.

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