Thomas Kilmer

Nice ! They all 3 drove to the trailhead. Thanks for pushing demand for a parking lot in my neighborhood :( It is possible people to open your front door, step outside and go for a bicycle ride, or a run, or a walk without firing up a motor vehicle. Stop to consider Open Space as a concep…

Excellent commentary. And True.

Noticeably absent in the defense of the Roadless Areas is the Montana Wilderness Association. In MWAs Roadless Lands Inventory from the mid 1990s they proposed the designation of 22,600 acres of Wilderness on these lands. Maybe they should remove the "Wilderness" word from their corporate…

Another excellent column.

The next legislature should ban the sale, use and transport of Exploding Targets in Montana.

I concur. I believe that in Great Falls the city has a policy requiring the removal of graffiti within a specified time. This may be only in the downtown area. You might want to check that out. Get a copy of their ordinance. Present it to the Mayor, City Manager and Commission. You might …

......andthis ........and this earth shaking news warrants a Big Red Banner Heading ? Seriously ?

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