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Montucky !

It's all about self entitled dog floggers who have a weird fetish for taking their dogs everywhere they go and to let them run uncontrolled off leash.

A fun read. I enjoy this regular column.

Excellent story and photos. We are lucky in the Helena area to have so many options for wild ice. When one lake or pond has no or bad ice one of the other lakes will be good or great for skating. The informal group is great about sharing the location where the ice is prime for skating.

I camped here while on a motorcycle tour a couple of years ago. It was very nice. Clean, quiet, pretty. Epic night skies. Off in the distance I could see the bright lights of oil well rigs, but that did not intrude on the park experience. There was only one other camper in the place.

Do the math: Leash $1.98 Veterinarian bill $1000.00

Now he can add "Former Interior Secretary" to his title.
That would be Former Navy Seal (F.S.N.) and Former Interior Secretary (F.I.S. )
or Ryan Zinke F.S.N/ F.I.S.
The 2nd in command at Interior who will now become acting chief is Mr. Bernhardt.
He is…

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This is a nice article. thanks.