kattisch andro

I am astounded at the incredible rudeness and disrespect given to the POTUS by CNN. If this was Obama we'd be having riots on his behalf!

And yet Mat, what's even more interesting is the alleged "MAGA Bomber" Cesar Sayoc only follows Left-wing people on twitter. He doesn't follow an Republicans or Conservatives, choosing e.g. left-wing personalities like Lena Dunham, Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama.

In Florida, a convicted felon can have voting rights restored ONLY by the governor on a case by case basis. With a LENGTHY (back to 1991 for bomb threats, larceny, grand theft, battery, fraud) criminal history, WHO IN BLAZES restored his voting rights?

Fifty-six years old and he "…

Fake news, fake bomb, red herring.

In a word, "No."

It is sad and pathetic that you think you will wipe out history with sterile art. Are we pretending the past didn't happen? Remember those who don't know (or choose to forget) history are doomed to repeat it.

Clay Baiker, why would this upset evangelical Christians? As Christians we are all called to love all people. Each is in charge of our their own destiny, but maybe you are right that if Christians are upset it is really the sadness felt for participants who choose the culture of death ove…

This is not just a bathroom issue. Any time you have to make special rules because someone has to be treated special, rather than following the rules deemed to maintain a military, the rule breaker should move on to something more suitable. During the Viet Nam era my brother was not privileg…

I don't think there is a problem until you have to make special rules. I have a problem with women who want to participate in an activity they do not or can not physically qualify and cry poor me and have to have the rules changed for them because they are "special." So when some…

I see Lance, you are saying we should first make sure we ask them if they ARE transgender so we can make a big issue and a federal case of it first so everyone will know, right? We must never treat anyone equally, should we. We must make people special so they can live their lies.

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