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Joane Bayer commented on Border wall compromise proposal

Good idea, but the cells would be vandalized

Joane Bayer commented on Border wall compromise proposal

Jeremy, That's what I think too. Permanent logos can go on the wall whether it is solid or transparent.

Jeremy, are you saying that:

There is no budget deficit.
There are completed budgetary analysis and specs for the wall.
We now have fabulous, cheaper health insurance.
Kim Jong-un has given up nuclear weapons.
Insulting allies is proper foreign policy.
The DoD has p…

Joane Bayer commented on Border wall compromise proposal

I like Clay Baiker's proposal better. Just like a sports stadium, a business or individual can "purchase" for the right price, naming rights to a portion of the wall. Advertising in perpetuity for the cost of a wall section construction and maintenance. What's not to like? MAGA!

George Wuerthner would have the reader think any logging is detrimental and does nothing to help prevent catastrophic forest fires. But nothing is ever black or white, the answer is always complex and grey. For every article advocating NO logging, there is an article pro logging. Here are…

John, Websters definition of common sense: good sense and sound judgement in practical matters. Are you saying only Democrats have common sense? Please clarify.

Jeremy, no movement to get the commissioners to keep that road open? Hopefully there won't be another fire.

Jeremy, guess I'm more interested in a President with integrity, competence, honor and intelligence. None of which The Donald exhibits. Attempting to govern by haphazard tweets, proclamations, lies and chaos is pathetic.

-I would agree that there are many regulations that need …

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I'm not sure Fred. That was the Trump's claim that Mexico would pay for the wall. And just how do you think NAFTA 2.0 will get Mexico to pay for the wall?

I would opt for the electorate's decision over the 22nd amendment to get rid of The Donald.

Personally, I like Jon Huntsman, former Governor of Utah & Ambassador to both China & Russia, but he has no name recognition. Perhaps John Kasich, Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan (who I…