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Makes you wonder how there could be SO MANY cuckoo people out there, people who actually believe the Sandyhook massacre was a fake. Parting the current nuts from their bank accounts, if they have one, will perhaps help future conspiracy theorists from publicly acting on their outrageous b…

LW, it is mostly too late. Most of the beetle kill is starting to dry rot now and it's worthless. It's even difficult to find beetle kill lumber anywhere to buy. At this point, you'd have to pay someone to cut remaining dead trees down and drag out downed trees. What a shame.

Tiffany, AFWR talks a good PR campaign, but it's all about the $$$$$$ when they seek expenses for litigating. And no they don't really care about wildfires. Mike Garritty prefers his elk and other wildlife charred to a crisp.

Joane Bayer commented on Amazed by vitriol from the left

Apparently they do object.

Thank you Mr. Young. I think your comments are spot on.

What with tariffs, low commodity prices, and bad weather, farmers and ranchers are taking it in the shorts. It's no wonder bankruptcies are high.

Donald, your pistol is requesting to be dusted.

Is wilderness a problem?

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Fundamentalists of all faiths are like cult members - brainwashed.

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Again, given the vulnerable state of the power grid, a diversified energy portfolio is always a really good idea. NWE needs to reign in their fees to something reasonable for solar providers. They may really need them someday.

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