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Wouldn't it be great if both parties set an example of how to be civil even when they are far apart on the issues? This current atmosphere is setting a poor example for young people and establishes a precedent of behavior from which it is difficult to retreat.

Why don't we start right…

Ron, thank you for all your hard work on this project. It will be a great asset to the community.

So sad, she was a great entertainer.

Thank you, Clay. That summed it up nicely.

What this letter says is all very true. It speaks to money has corrupted the democratic process with our representatives beholding to the biggest donors. I can't see reform coming about because the very people who have to push through the changes are the same ones who benefit from the corr…

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Standards of all types has slipped over the years. Just look at was the media serves up as entertainment. However, we should hold our leaders to high standards of behavior in both their professional and personal lives.

That's a beautiful piece of work.

This is a really good thing that will help many of the needy in our community.

And to all of you negative types, perhaps you need to get out of your comfort zone and walk the mile in the shoes of others. People become homeless and in need for a variety of reasons and circumstances tha…

Thank you, Dean. When I mentioned the attacks, I was referring to the constant sniping I see from the regulars here. It ruins the whole purpose for which these forums can be used. We can learn more about our community and the world. We can be exposed to many sides of the issues. We can …

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Karen, why is this a problem?