Loretta Hodous

Way to go Helena for the kindness shown for the Palmer family. A very long road ahead, but made a little easier by your support.

I just wish they would get rid of the "Dump" and all his cronies. He is the worst POS this country will ever see or has ever seen. Such an embarrassment . He is breaking the country.

I am over elated Tester won.....reason being the dump didn't. The POS and his supporters come flying in and out of Montana, wasting taxpayers money, thinking they can swing the vote. Yay for those that stood up and voted for Tester and proved Montana people can vote without the help from t…

Is Montana still such a redneck State it approves body slamming and a liar for a POTUS. Disgusting to say the least. Money and ignorance win. Common sense loses. Doesn't make sense.

I am so embarrassed to even call trump the president. How can he lie so much and think it is okay. What an idiot for saying it was okay for Gianforte to body slam the reporter. Sad for our country and the 6th of November is a good day to start taking our country back after trump is tryin…

Job well done Dustin. Sounds like you certainly deserved the award.

What a great idea! Those little ones will treasure those books forever and such a good way to start out their education. Learning to read is the most important gift in your life.

Lyndel, I hope you continue writing for the IR. You always have such interesting articles. Thank you.

Best of luck on your retirement and a job well done.

This is one of the most sad stories I have read in years. A little 5 year old versus an adult out of his mind beating her to death. If he doesn't get the death sentence, there is something wrong with the system. After he is in jail/prison, I sure hope his roommates make a believer out of …

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