John Williams

jimmy, clay baiker (baiker is obvious fake name) violates the rules all of the time. He is also the king of ad hominem attacks here. I advise to use his own tactics against him.


Well for one my dim witted friend, it will limit the border access to where the border guards and the equipment to detect contraband can detect them. Whereas without a wall they will be able to come across anywhere they want.

So eric, your saying that we shouldn't put El Chapo in prison because he will just tunnel out?

You just can't help yourself can you clay. No matter what the subject you try to link it to Christians. Your hatred of the 1st and 2nd Amendments is on display and well known.

Were they frozen burgers? Dumb headline.

So will they also fine people whose car is stolen. How about if they don't secure 5 gallon bucket and a kid dies in it.

It is NOT GUN VIOLENCE. It is people violence.

FYI, remember it was Obama who decriminalize delinquent crimes which allowed the Florida shooter to get a gun. …

And Hillary, Bill and Obama. And AO Cortez, Booker, Pelosi, and Schumer. Or the anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar.

The liberal are finally exposing their dark socialist anti-American stance to the public.

Dean, don't forget that we are in an ICE AGE and permanent ice caps are not normal.

Also that absolutely none of the global warming plans will reduce the world wide temperature or CO2 levels but will redistribute trillions of dollars.

So let me get this straight. It is OK for democrats to ignore the laws with pot, sanctuary cities and DACA but it is not OK for Republicans to attempt the same over their beliefs.

More double standard lying hypocrite democrat liberal socialists in action.

Liberal democrat privi…