John Dough

Hmmmm maybe its time to do something about Montana Ave? The road has been a problem for the past 25 years and the city has not done A SINGLE THING to improve its safety.

Good thing the volume is muffled and muted while the video constantly freezes, barely make out anything theyre saying!

Thanks for the history lesson Ms. Baumler, I hope your words can help people reflect on their opinions of what the fountain represents. The history behind the fountain is priceless and we shouldnt be removing it because some people hold a negative opinion of what it represents in their minds.

Absolutely disgusting that the commissioners can make these decisions on a whim without giving a dam about what the public of helena thinks about it. Its pathetic that people try to rewrite history and forget about the past.

Just because I dont agree with The Dude's politics doesnt mean I cant respect the man, one of the very few people in Hollywood I have immense respect for.

"Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man."

When native american students get in trouble more often than their peers they are more likely to be "punished" more often. Strange how that works.

John Dough commented on Havron, Trent

Thanks for sharing Trent's story. Your family is very strong to share Trent's story with such honesty. So sorry for your loss, I cant imagine what your family is going through, a parent should never have to bury a child.

Rent free!


I am knowledgeable about science, X and Y = Boy, X and X = Female

2 Genders
2 Terms
2 Scoops

Hey Clay, if the Dems put up a candidate worth a dam then maybe people wouldnt vote for a crazy Christian? Quist is a deadbeat.


Between this and the Confederate statues I hope everyone on the city commission doesnt win re-election! This is ridiculous! Focus on problems in Helena and not some BS Paris accord!

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