Bob Smith

This whole thing is a Republican scam. There aren't enough Greens in MT to fill my dining room.

Bulldoze it. Bulldoze every last one of them.

I guarantee you I know this country's history better than you.

Those of us who know that slavery is evil and the Confederacy's fight to protect it was just as evil are in fact your betters.

This is a monument commemorating slavery and the people who fought to preserve slavery. Whether you want to admit it or not, you're standing with the KKK and their propaganda efforts excusing the Confederacy's fight for slavery.

Germany didn't build memorials to the Nazis after the war. They tore them down in recognition that they were evil. We should do the same.

Nor your's. Whittenberg is not a historian, he's a former newspaper publisher. As the third paragraph states.

There should be no "loving remembrances" of America's enemies. The Confederates were traitors and murderers and cowards fighting in defense of chattel slavery, the most evil institution the world has ever known. They killed hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and committed c…

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