Steve Velaski

Gianforte running for governor is a sham. Vote for an intelligent, qualified Montana candidate -Mike Cooney.

Vote for Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney-the only rational choice.

Change is good--the city of Helena seems like its 40 years behind the times.

Excellent idea--it would b easily accessable and a new shiny museum would definitely spruce up the entrance into Helena now dominated by ugly strip malls and crappy casinos. Like the progressive ideas, Mr Mayor.

People in Montana continually vote against their own interests. You got what you paid for.

If this is the maturity level of our legislators, we need some new legislators.

At least we have one politician in Montana with a brain.

Sounds like sour grapes, Jim. This town is in dire need of some progressive thinking and economic development.

Trump is just following through on his promises - you got what you paid for Montana farmers.

Steve Velaski commented on Democratic socialists are out of control

You better not sign up for medicare, send any of your kids or grandkids to public schools, drive on any government maintained roads or highways, hunt on any public lands or collect any foodstamps or welfare checks, Peter, or you are a hippocrit.

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