Fred Udall Baiker

Sorry Joe, but you blow. What a LOAD.

You make it sound like you are an expert, but in reality you are the same typical, liberal, anti-gun loon that frequents these pages. In fact you are probably just another login for one of them.

First you state, you are not advocating for gun…

Fred Udall Baiker commented on Democrats ignore issues, push impeachment

What you think means squat. Where are the charges? If there was anything to the 2-year witch hunt, why are they not bringing charges? Is it the Republican controlled Senate, or the gutless Democratic House?
All they have is theater. [crying]
Sincerely, Fred U. “FU” Baiker

Your hatred may prevent you from realizing this but, Jehovah Witnesses, Amish, and Quakers all show respect for the country and the flag.
They don’t “salute” the flag, or say the pledge, or sing the national anthem, but I know for a fact, Jehovah Witnesses stand in respect during those t…

You’ll find Clay believes he has a unique ability to determine who and what is and isn’t racist.

For example, the fountain was racist because of its long ago connection to the “south.”

However, Planned Parenthood isn’t racist, even though it was started by Margret Sanger an admi…

Clay Baiker will claim that Trump supports will claim that this is fake news.

As always, Fred "FU" Baiker

Read the article. What, you blindly support abortion and don’t know the latest trend?

Fred Udall Baiker commented on Save Montana's bees

“... save the trees, save the bees, save the whales, save those snails...”

Have them go to New York, anyone can perform an abortion, thereby eliminating the "back alley." Much easier and much safer...

Specifically, "The act removes the need for a doctor to perform some abortions and takes abortion out of the criminal code, making it a public he…


noun: hyperbole; plural noun: hyperboles
exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
"he vowed revenge with oaths and hyperboles"

synonyms: exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, amplification, em…

I didn't know that.

All this time I thought they were killed by the United States Marshals Service, FBI agents, and other law enforcement agencies that cordoned off the area.

So the Marshals Service, FBI agents, and other law enforcement agencies were actually Christians dressed…

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