Frank Lynn

DeVries has definitely gone off the deep end. His ultra-right position is fine for the few who ascribe to what he believes and current laws do not prevent those few from practicing what they preach. However, there is another class of individual out there who needs the schools to raise their …

Wasn't premeditated no matter how heinous. He still deserves the death penalty. He'll die before the sentence is carried out.

DST is ridiculous. Then again, I was raised in Arizona where we tried it and got rid of it due to it making the evenings too hot. That was before everyone had air conditioning. Moved to Montana and am pretty sure that it's a waste. Even though I support the bill, there is a point where someb…

Gotta give President Trump credit, he's doing what he said he would do.

I'm thinking the DC media and author have an axe to grind. Senator Tester exhibited some class over a non-issue. Senator Franken, well let's just say he was offended because he desired to be so.

Just looking to be a politician somewhere. He has the money and the time, perhaps enough to bring his butt back home to New Jersey. As a Republican, I'm not impressed. [ban]

Of all the places for a final stand, Montana. Where the state's majority voted for Donald Trump. Some folks haven't grown up out of the trophy for participating years.

Completely absurd considering Montana has no vehicle emissions testing requirements. Now add to that the hypocrisy of not verifying how many in the state have maintained the emission control devices on their Ford, Dodge & GM diesel pick ups.

Unbelievable how far out of bounds they can go, wasting time and effort on something outside their jurisdiction, no matter how noble the purpose. [offtopic]