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Bob what amazes me is the number of people declaring Trump is innocent who haven't read the report. If you read it, it doesn't even exonerate him from collusion. It says they didn't have sufficient evidence to charge him with collusion, mainly due to lack of cooperation by witnesses and f…

Jerry Smith commented on America is greater than 'just OK'

Just Trump trying to help out China's economy by buying MAGA hats and fireworks from them! And the writer makes it sound like it was Trump's idea for a 4th of July celebration in DC. He just kidnapped a nonpartisan event and made it into a political rally using taxpayer funds again.

Not if tourists are spending more here because the museum is in a more accessible location. Might do more for the economy in the long run.

Jerry Smith commented on Nike disappoints with unpatriotic move

How many of Trump's clothing products are manufactured in the USA? About as many as Nike products, which is none! Ironic that he's imposing tariffs on his own clothing products when he puts tariffs on China!

Oh my gosh! The sky is falling! Why don't you right-wing bigots find a real issue to complain about? It took you 8 years to get infrastructure funding accomplished in Montana and two days to whine about this.

18 months? Sounds like someone stalling until the mall location isn't available!

And if it bothers you so much you must be outraged at Trump's use of Air Force One to commute for golfing every week! And he and his family's abuse of his office to enrich themselves!

Bullock didn't break the law. Stapleton did.

Very good arguments. The mall site has much better visibility to travelers coming through Helena. Many of those tourist are in large RVs, so parking or even navigating in the Capitol area is daunting. The mall area would provide room for RV parking and still be near enough to attract thos…

It's shaping up to be quite a "bout" for the Republican primary. Gianforte will probably be the favorite of the bookies, but I predict Fox will win with a knockout in the second round.

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