Marc McCord

I agree! That standard should also apply to Trump and Kavanaugh!

A lawmaker named Windy Boy? How very apropos!

DeVries looks like somebody that got booted out of an AA meeting! Clearly, the guy is either on some strong drugs, or else he needs to be! Only a fool could or would support these nonsensical bills. Don't be like Idaho!

Dean, do you have any more of whatever you are smoking? Obviously, it is some good stuff! One thing is certain - you CONservatives never read Marx, Lenin or Mao because you are uneducated and you cannot read, much less comprehend, which is why you still defend a worthless, lying piece of hu…

"If you believe Cohen I can get you a good all cash deal on the Brooklyn Bridge." - Rudy Ghouliani

So, just like his boss, Ghouliani lies ...again! I defy him to prove he has the permission of the real owners of the Brooklyn Bridge to negotiate a deal for it, but like trump, …

Somebody associated with trump lied? Who knew?

Come on, Dan! You cannot really be THAT stupid? The article did not say that GM is in trouble. It said it is moving toward the future, and that the future does not include internal combustion engines, cars that use them or workers that build them. It's called "progress" and it happ…

I guess she finally had about as much of The Donald as she could stomach. I reached that point long before he ran for President.

Republicans hate Tester because he demands truth and honesty, two things that are foreign and profane to Republicans. I am glad he is standing up for vets. Trump surely is not standing up for them, though he wants to send them to be maimed or killed fighting the wars his mouth starts. Montan…

"Zuckerberg said the company detected the problem in a data-privacy audit started after the Cambridge Analytica disclosures, but didn't say why the company hadn't noticed it — or fixed it — earlier."

Mark Zuckerberg is a bald-faced liar! I was a victim of a data breach that o…

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