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Thank You Mark Ibsen- Medical Marijuana is a natural god made medicine, The only ones that do not agree that marijuana has medical value are in the government with deep pockets (despite the US Government having patent# 6630507 for medical use of marijuana)

Prior to the new pain clinic in Helena, I had been seeing my primary doctor every three months for over 10 years to manage my pain. The first day at the pain clinic they changed my medicine to something I was allergic too. They had not gone over my extensive medical history. The clinic ha…

Judge Reynolds has proven his stance on child molesters. He has proven that child molesters have no place in our community. I for one- pray each one of these sickos has to go in front of Reynolds.

Each time a monster like this goes in front of a judge for sentencing there is the human factor. Each judge would give this monster a different sentence.
I propose we take the human factor out of sentencing these monsters. Once convicted each one would go thru sentencing by nature. Let …

Dan- I must have missed the part of the article were it says this horrible incident was because of marijuana.

I have noticed over the years that the people against marijuana cannot and will not have a intelligent conversation about it.

Interesting Fact: The Us official expert on cannabis from 1938-1962 Dr James Munch testified under oath that he took two puffs of a marijuana cigarette and it turned him into a bat. He them " Flew around the room and down a 200 ft deep inkwell."
Another interesting fact: ht…

question Kattisch- would it be okay if your house was on fire for a transgender person to help put out the fire?
If you are in a car accident and need medical help could a transgender person help?
If you have a medical emergency and the paramedic was transgender can they help you?

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