Dan Moore

This fool is trying to blame President Trump for his own despicable actions-- just like many on the left constantly do. We also need to stop blaming others for our own actions like many in the media encourage us to do. I wonder where this fool got the idea--NOT!

Matt, Do you advocate going back and charging the Beatles in the Manson killings?

As usual "Clay" distorts. John didn't even come close to saying he wanted a cannon. This is how most of "Clay's" bs starts. Soon he will be repeating this lie ad nauseam for years to come as if John actually said it

Go ahead "Clay" and continue from the actual transcript. Why not? Doesn't fit your narrative or the dishonest reporting on this subject does it.

"Clay" showing us how delusional he is

Sharlene - You proved only that it is not at all hard to find lunatics accusing President Trump of racism

"Clay" lies. The dossier was NOT created by conservatives. It is true that conservatives started the Fusion GPS thing but it had been taken over by Democrats before Christopher Steele came on the scene

Well of course. "Clay" can't keep up with the argument again so he needs to resort to calling anyone who disagrees with him a bigot

"Clay" has proven over and over that he knows NOTHING about logic other than the names of a few logic fallacies-- which incidentally he engages in quite regularly

I wonder why "Clay" would never comment on his own words whenever challenged to do so. Hilarious how the number one hypocrite constantly demands what he refuses to do

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