Dan Moore

Now having more information, I can only say, Great job Governor Bullock!

I missed the word hoax there "Clay"

Trump did not call the virus a hoax - Snopes

Matty still can't find the lie he accused me of in the exact links provided where he made the accusation and the exact link to the letter where he says I lied.

But now the IR also lies. Wow

So now, according to Matty, even the IR is lying when they say they fact check. You can't make this stuff up

Want to try again Matty?

All true AND fact checked by the IR editor

Matty, when will you back up your own lies about me here?

I notice Matty still can't produce evidence that I lied (even though he says over and over that he can). Now he calls on others proving he cannot do what he insists he can.

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