Jeff Noonan

Giles, you are absolutely correct. Only a mentally impaired person could, after the past two years, still support this criminal. I just pray that Robert Mueller gets his job done before Trump destroys our country.

The best thing that I can say about this letter is that the lady is obviously delusional. Give it up, Ms. Felder, we ain’t buying.

Sir, you are gambling with our grandchildren’s lives. That is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, reckless and stupid.

Mr. Cauley, It’s interesting that you are so quick to ignore the possibility that man-made climate change is endangering our world. There are a tremendous number of highly-qualified people telling us that we are in real trouble. But your answer is to ignore them and simply cast snide asper…

It’s paranoid thinking like this that is destroying the country, not the politicians or the political parties.

Is Sales out of his bloody mind?

This letter clearl illustrates what’s wrong with the political system in America today. This group of legislators has decided that their way is the only way, regardless of the desires of the legislative majority. The fact that certain Republican legislators are willing to act like grownups…

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I never thought that I’d agree on anything with Nancy Ballance, but she is absolutely correct on this one!

Jeff Noonan commented on Wall needed to keep drugs out of US

If the Mongol Hordes ever come charging at our border carrying loads of mind-altering substances, I will support a border wall! But not before that.

Wha a load of self-serving horse droppings! This transparent attempt to justify a system where the few control the majority is. Simply not worthy of comment. This is Montana, a place where all of us have the right to be heard on an equal basis.