Connie Wheeler

Vigilantes, guns, cowboys, part of Montana's history and to date. Something always offends someone from a different state or country. So we give in again. What happened to us? Becoming Liberal give in again.

what kind of physos could hit funny to something like this. sick fk ohs.they don't belong in mt. go back where you came from

What a joke what else are they going to take away. Oh gee don't offend anyone. What about our history that our Grand kids will never know about now? Kinda like taking God out of the schools, you might offend someone.

child molester hope someone takes him out in prison. even those in prison don't like child molesters

killed 3 people but only charged for 1 so much for our justice system THC yea legalize pot

Maybe ND should bring back the death penalty. Save everyone having to support them in prison

I agree

Too much touchy-feely from this guy, creepy pervert!

oh excuse me adopted child hope someone takes care of both the parents sick f-----

hope the children are in safe hands now and learning not all people are as bad as these. what's wrong with our system. foster children taken from one home and approved to live with these physo's

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