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Connie Wheeler

Connie Wheeler commented on Boulder teen dies in crash near Clancy

How sad, may God be with them in the family's time of need. Thoughts and prayers to the family

Sorry he has not hurt or molest any child or young adult yet. Back on the streets sooner or later he will.

Released. you're kidding right, so he can go back out and molest someone else.

hang the sick f. So much for a role model for kids

Thoughts and prayers to the families. How sad

Hang the sick f. save our taxpayers dollars. I agree do unto others the peodifiles do as they do unto you. Don't hurt a child you sick f.

Connie Wheeler commented on Don't silence anti-vaccine views

I noticed that too and all I can say is good riddance.

Connie Wheeler commented on Unvaccinated co-workers will be reported

BM, I don't which is worse, being called a rat, snitch or BM

Jane comments like that are uncalled for.

It's about time something will be done with it! The building was quickly becoming an eyesore, for some time it was a campground for the homeless.

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