Connie Wheeler

Shame on you Judge Menahan just what we want to teach our children and grandchildren it's ok to do drugs and get by with it and he was a teacher and yet all you all are picking on Swingley for an honest mistake. If it was joe blow off the street he would have been charged on all of the dr…

What's wrong with this picture. Get's caught with mushrooms, cocaine, meth, and get's a deferred sentence? Noticed they mentioned the Democrats. Political? Pretty messed up. Only charged for the mushrooms? Not too smart I think.

Maybe you all that's speaking out against Swingley should stop and think about what the heck you guys are talking about and judging him about!

At least Swingley has the b---- to do his job and put those away for there crimes instead of oh someone that get's caught with multiple drugs and gee gets a deferred sentence and then not charged on the meth and other??? What's going on with that one. Upstanding citizen get's another chan…

This is to yo Clay Baiker

I Still support him and always will so get over it

now all you liberals are just picking on him. leave him alone and let him do his job. he's a great judge.

It sounds like a simple oversight, a mistake that could be made by anyone, get over it!

These impeachment hearings are a joke. Ukraine got their military aid! The Democrats are scared knowing their "best" can't even come close to beating Trump in the election. Let them impeach, good luck getting him ousted by the Senate! :-)

I agree go Judge Swingley

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