Clay Baiker

Jeremy Mygland said "Annnnnnnd, this has what to do with abortion matt? Point proven I guess, thank you for your dribble as usual!"

Jeremy, did you read the entire article? The theme is how actions have consequences and only a small part of the article deals with abortion. …

Dan Moore, we already know who you are so if I was going to sue you, something I never claimed I was going to do, you'd have been served by now.

BTW, you know, that high BMI of yours is bad for your health and probably contributes to your grumpiness.

Frank and Jeremy Mygland, if a complete ban with no exceptions becomes the law, are you willing to accept the consequences of that? This would necessarily include:

- anything considered an abortifacient would be outlawed, including The Pill and the IUD
- many/most forms of fertili…

Another ignorant statement from John Williams, one of his many.

Care to talk about this issue of who steals from who on the world stage?

To John Williams, any to the left of Genghis Kahn is an extreme leftist.

Of course they don't, Harry, and if you had your way, I'd be harassed by law enforcement for what I have written here. After all, you advocated for that in the past. I wonder why you never did anything about it?

Jeremy, take a shot at answering the question I pose above.

I would like someone who is anti-abortion to explain something.

If you believe the unborn is a life, a life that should be protected with the full rights of citizenship, AND that that life began at conception, how can their be exceptions in the law for rape and incest?

Bill, walking is probably not Dan’s forte. My guess is that he one of those overweight Montanans who is too lazy to walk and wants to drive everywhere. I come to this conclusion based on his getting riled when I criticized fat people for adding to the cost of health insurance for all of us.

Dan Moore said “...has no expiration date? “

If you were interested in expiration dates you wouldn’t believe in those well-past-their-sell-by-date myths that you cling to and cause you to get upset when people mock them. What a child!

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