Clay Baiker

We notice that John Williams is rankled by the very printing of Milbank's column and then tries to paint the HIR as biased because they do so. Hey, John, you live in a Red State. Why are you feeling so threatened by this one column?

Of course, your inability to grasp issues is wel…

John Williams is still attempting to deflect from his support for pedophile priests and calling those who pointed out their crimes "homophobes."

John Willians, defender of pedophile priests and supporter of theocracy ahead of our Constitution has spoken.

John, how are YOU going to "hold the IR's feet to the fire?" We already know you won't drop your subscription since you told us that you need it for the ads and the comics. What are you going to do? Whine here IN ALL CAPS?

John Williams said “And the dissolution of the family unit, increased abortions. Yep so far the democrat plan is working just as planed.”

The dissolution of the family unit is a democratic plan? Can you cite your source? And increased abortions is a democratic plan? Can you c…

John Williams said "Fear mongering.

"Really? Sort of like your claim: "Vote democrat and your daughter will get AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and other STD's."

You said "If you believed the deluded idolators of global warming..."

Sure, John, we will listen to s…

“Deputy Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen reflected on what the Constitution means to her personally, calling it a ‘God-inspired document.”

What a load of nonsense. She is, quite obviously, ignorant of history. The Founders were inspired by the philosophers of th…

Clay Baiker commented on Gianforte will protect Montana values

Gianforte is a religious nut who pushes his anti-evolution and "young earth" nonsense. We need someone in the governor's office who will veto those types of crazy bills that would come out of of the legislature.

Or is rejecting settled science a "Montana value?"

John Williams said "How about your continuing ad hominem attacks on conservatives? Hypocrite!"

That's your excuse for attacks on Democrats?

You said "By the way how about your claim that democrats weren't going to take our guns. Beto sure shot your lie a big hole."

Dennis Lenz claims “Price controls are a primary hallmark of a socialist economy.”

If this is true, then where is Lenz outrage over other ways the government meddles in “price control?”

For example, the $800 billion Farm Bill that is nothing more than price control/support…

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