I read where one State or City (sorry, can't rem now) got rid of Columbus Day and made voting day a holiday for everyone. I like that!!!

SHARLENE LARANCE commented on Tester goes along with his party

I chuckled when i read this headline. Easily could have been "Daines, Gianforte go along with their party." What is so unusual about a politician going along with their party?

Unfortunately, trump does represent me. Why do you think I am so upset with him. And when he does something i don't agree with, I become vocal about it - at a minimum, through my congressmen whom represent me!

Mr. Cauley: are you saying that once a politician is elected, he/she represents only those people of his/her party? Hummmm I was under the impression they would represent all the people and I would have the right to ask why the politician voted a certain way. Better get my head on straight.

Ms. Dean j-b started to read your comment but after reading this in the opening paragraph: "However, immigration experts Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer
disagree, saying the wall won't work and they also have zero ideas." i stopped. That is a blatant "fake statement&quo…

Humm - typical republican thing. Surprising? - and, I will support Montana Free Press.

Mr. Baiker: Please read the end of Mr. Cahill's above comment about who shut down the Government.

SHARLENE LARANCE commented on Congress cannot allow shutdown to succeed

Obama's shutdown was for 16 days. Stop spouting unless you are going to be accurate.

SHARLENE LARANCE commented on Border wall compromise proposal

Ah! Well said Mr. Cahill!!!

Those darn democrats! Wasn't it trump on TV who said he would be proud to shut down the government and HE would take the hit for it? How quickly we forget.