Richard Miller

Is this another example of how republicans work or is it little people need big trucks?

“I’ll work with President Trump to always put Montana and America first and will never stop working to make our country and Montana a better place,”. Really? I am still trying to figure out how you will make it a better place by unbridled resource development, ripping up farmland for deve…

Got news for ya Pence: Yellowstone was formed and populated with animals long before the concept of your "god" ever entered the picture. All man has done to his home is destroy it.

Richard Miller commented on Stapleton switches to US House race

What an idiot! Corey, you are too short for the job. We want someone with stature and brains, not a cry baby which we already have in the white house.

I am fed up with these political stunts that require cities and towns across this country that have to cough up the money for these increased political visits. Local governments cannot sustain these hits to their budgets without having to cut services provided to the people that live here…

Well, I'll start the chant "Lock Her Up"!

I do hope that Pence, Daines, and Double G have their checkbooks out. This political grandstanding is costing Billings thousands of dollars babysitting these oligarchs when any one of them could pay for the costs involved out their petty cash accounts.

Richard Miller commented on Colstrip Units 1 and 2 will close in 2019

I would love to have a nuke plant in Montana. Preferably placed next to Daines' and double GG's Montana residences.

Gotta be a political season.....I do wish summer would get here to shine the light of day on these zealots that DipS**t Danes keeps dragging into the state. Gonna go look at Yellowstone too? Maybe bring along a couple of real estate people to figure out the best solution for keeping the g…

But, but, he has his own plane! And he is not afraid to duke it out with smaller press people. So what is so wrong with that? Well, if you cannot figure that out, it time to surrender your voter registration. Can't you see it, the new ark floating on Canyon Ferry crewed by Neanderthals an…

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