Richard Miller

If these religious goofballs want tax dollars, then by all means give it to them. Then, start requiring them to pay the same taxes as the rest of us do-including property taxes.

Horse pucky!

Give 'em a milk stool to sit on and maybe we get some real legislation done. They get a comfy chair when they give the residential taxpayer some relief.

Hold on folks, the legislature is getting ready to send the rate payers a bil new bill, just like the PSC.

Many of the "older generation" have fought the same battles as you are currently. The unparalleled greed of the American business model in this country is what is driving it into oblivion. We need to put the power back into the hands of the people that created the middle class that built …

"....I don’t want to go to jail over this stuff ....". Maybe you ought to go to jail for the lies that you have told concerning Colstrip. NWE has no plan other than getting the biggest salary for corporate figureheads as the expense of the consumer. NWE is going to stick it to us no matte…

Richard Miller commented on Committed to working for Montana

Yeah Daines, you are so great for Montana. Montana values do not include hiding from your constituents behind phony town hall meetings where only those that you invite or slurp up your b.s. are welcome. Most Montanans do not have your wealth to get them by in tough times but you'd never a…

And guess who is going to pay for all of it.

Should have been staked out in the Hayden Valley to feed the bears.

Greg does not care whether or not you have health care of any kind at any cost. He'll just get on his private jet and fly off to where he can get the best medical care. The rest of you can all just of to the nearest witch doctor.

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