Richard Miller

$500 million for a coal plant that has seen it best life over the past 25+ years and now requires very expensive upgrades. Another $8 million for a portion of a wall? Garcia and Sales have their hand in your back pocket and you are about to be fleeced again. Just when are the home owners …

Jennifer, when you can figure out what this means then you will have the majority opinion of your stupid bill to give away our public lands: K.M.A.

Thank you Cindy. Daines is a rich spinless idiot with the only reason to remain on the job is to pad his pockets further.

You can blame this loss of life directly on Donald J. Trump and his failed foreign policy and his inept running of the executive branch.

Richard Miller commented on Daines needs to stand up to McConnell

Daines' claim to fame is that he can successfully hold his breath for countless hours while having his head firmly stuck in the south end of the north bound mule called trump. I find it somewhat disturbing that the U.S. Coast Guard, a branch of the military, does not receive government payc…

Jeez Cory, guess there were not boogeymen under our beds in the last election were there.

Two on Montana's elite aren't going to take their paychecks! Oh my gosh, just petty cash for them. time to pull their heads out of the southern confines of the north bound mule named donald. Maybe they should spend a few days in Yellowstone getting their hands dirty cleaning toilets-about…

I think Sales got dropped on his head as a youngster way too many times. Idiocy is a mental health thing and boy does he need the help! Maybe use some of those Medicaid dollars he does not care for would help him get the psychiatric care he needs.

Oh goody! Just more things to enrich his wealth and better way to hide from real Montana constituents.

He who speaks out of both sides of his long as some enrichment flows his way. More of a walrus than a seal.