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RJ Cochran commented on The Democrats' fairy-tale campaigns

Don't worry Samuelson, once the programs are implemented and don't deliver the promised results, the cradle to grave crowd will simply advocate for...more programs.

Is it correct that the left wing organizations who sued the US taxpayer with this frivolous lawsuit are not even called out in this article? They're sucking at the teat of the American people and the writer decides to not even mention them and acts as if this is a legitimate lawsuit and rul…

It's political because he's running for governor and his first reaction was to evade responsibility for his actions. That's not a good sign.

Not good, driving away after hitting another car speaks to the character of the left wing lion. Sure, other people are worse and that really doesn't matter. Collins is a perfect "leader" for Helena and hopefully he doesn't resign from his job as mayor. He sure isn't going to be …

I like Bullock but this is a joke. He's running for Zinke's spot in Interior if you as me.

The whackos that support Sanders and Warren are welcome to do so.

The winning ticket to dump the slug that is Donald Trump is Biden-Harris. Competent, moderate and successful careers.

Yeah, he's out over his skis. A far left liberal can easily win in Helena, that's what the town is. Statewide office is a much different beast. He should run for a house or senate seat in Helena. Then he's a shoe in. Truly wouldn't even have to campaign, just let the local Democrat mach…

Ana Cortez is fitting right in with the rest of the Libs on the HCC.

"Sounds like no international travel for you."

Except that this affects domestic travel, which is why it is horsehockey.

RJ Cochran commented on Legislators leaving poor legacy

No doubt, $22,000,000,000,000.00 and counting. Good job Republicans.

What a beautiful letter. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

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