bob stocker

Like Daines , GG will never hold an actual town hall meeting to get face to face with the MT voters he pretends to represent. We will just have to wait for the primary debate(s) to watch this phony in action and bristle at trying to answer a pointed question.

bob stocker commented on Gianforte will protect Montana values

Mr Wylie is obviously confused about GN40 . While he and Daines have graciously lined their own pockets while exploding the deficit, they have done nothing to help Montana or the economy while they blindly follow and vote for anything the Trumptard wants. Last thing MT needs is Jersey G a…

Best thing to do is show both daines an gn40 the door. Spread the word and get voters informed about these two phonies. Time to elect ones that actually represent MT .

One more stapelton blunder to add to the list of his SOS office incompetence. This idea is wrong in so many ways and just coming off his latest state vehicle use scandal how would you ever believe this guy?

So the californian tax evading ,mt convicted poacher is now running for state auditor! Good grief, mr honesty wants to be on the state insurance commision and a seat at the land board too with that position . Not a chance!

Let not make the same mistake twice. This time lets elect the right person who is actually qualified for this job - Melissa Romano.

The plan is to spend millions of dollars to buy the election ,so once governor he can get his grubby hands on all those public lands he and Daines been after. That way he and little Donny jr can play big game hunters and shoot prairie dogs anytime they please.

Good luck on your run ,gov bullock. Although I would like to seen a candidate with your qualities run for us senate. Daines seriuosly needs to be replaced with some one that can actually represent our state.

He does not like his DC minority status apparently. Since he voted NO on the recent Violence Against Woman Act because he choose to save his NRA rating over voting to protect woman , I for one do not want to ever see the likes of GN40 as MT governor.

Disgusting - rethugs claim helping Montana residents with healthcare steals their hard earned money from them and leads to socialism , but they think nothing of ripping money from their wallets by forcing us to pay for Colstrip upkeep , renovation and forever cleanup costs! Why do you think…

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