Bill Bentley

If a person does not want an abortion , then don’t have to have one. The law does not force abortions. I find it interesting that the so called “pro-life” crowds advocate abstinence, zero sex education and are against birth control, but at the same time advocate for the death penalty.

I paid you a compliment

Dan- just put some boots on and go around tbe gates. Not that difficult

Dan, once again you demonstrate that you have no logical conception of access. You simply walk around gates, rather than ride in an ATV or another vehicle. See, we have these objects called boots. We put them on snd simply walk into the wilderness.,

Bill Bentley commented on Choose wisely in primary elections

So true. Example #1= Trump. I am willing to bet there were a lot of first time voters who felt empowered by all his BS rhetoric

Fred- you are all class as usual. You do not disappoint and very consistent with your well thought argument and debate.

Good point. I think Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, but the gutless republicans in the Senate will put party in front of Country. Thank you Mitch and Lindsay. They are sleezeballs.

Yes, a person who was an Attorney General and also a Governor from a rural State could never be elected President. Oh wait, Bill Clinton was from Arkansas and was judged to not have a snow balls chance in an imaginery place.

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