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Bill Bentley

Sounds like his wife is the “bread winner” and he is cashing in on his time in DC.

So, what’s the difference between this vaccine and the other vaccines health care workers have to get? It’s about health care, how can a person provide health care if they are actively infecting a patient? Government has all kinds of mandates, that’s why we are not a third world country. …

Bottom line is that they were traitors.

“ "Mama Says Stupid Is As Stupid Does."

- Forrest Gump

Look no further than the ill thought out legislation that was passed and the make up of the FWP Commission. It is very clear who they are catering to.

It should be destroyed and the remains be buried. Done deal. No more “controversy” or discussion. Once an item is given and ownership has been transferred the party who then owns such item is free to do with it as they choose. Let’s move on. The request should have never even been considered.

They were traitors who took up arms against the Country.


He is a punk wannabe cop who watched too many video games. Looks like they assembled the same jurors who decided the OJ case.

You folks are precious. Obviously you were on your high school and college debate teams. Keep up the good work.

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