Linda Vaughey

Excessive alcohol consumption and cell phone addiction are problems. Now why don't we add one more "legal" thing to escape from reality, and make our roads more dangerous and access easier for our children? Where's the harm?

Suggest the newspaper edit out Baiker's and Moore's rants at one another or ask they stick to the topic at hand. Serious business when five long term city employees depart en masse. I'm concerned and would welcome discussion about how others perceive what is going on at City Hall.

About time city government demonstrated it has an appetite for responsible spending. Implement zero based budgeting, and convince the taxpayers everything is being done to reduce expenditures before increases are sought.

Experienced the same reaction....but you expressed it better than I ever could! In spite of knowing the ending, I held my breath, smiled in pride, and rejoiced in the memories.

Prayers for all involved - obviously the pedestrian's family and friends but also the driver of the auto. I was told the street has few if any streetlights. Don't know the facts and also can't imagine the pain being borne by all with connections to this tragedy.

Before moving to Helena from Havre I spent six years as a Director and a year as President of the Montana School Boards' Association. I have continued to watch with interest news of our state's eduction programs and its schools. Congratulations as the East Helena School Board begins the ar…

"The city’s program to remove urban deer is entering its 10th year. During that time, the Helena Police Department has trapped 1,041 deer, dispatching them with a bolt gun...." "removing" and "dispatching" them....? Fuzzy words don't cover up the action. Just …

Here we go again. What happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"? This expose hits the news four days before the election. Right. "October surprises" are an unconscionable method to get oneself elected or to give one's candidate a leg-up on Tuesday.

How little most of us know about the days and nights of our local law enforcement officers. The article was fascinating and enlightening. Thumbs up to Cpl. Bradley Bragg, Sheriff Dutton, and the rest of Helena area law enforcement working to enforce our laws and keep us safe. Tough, tough…

HI financial problems began long before the state budget cuts. Responsibility for the state budget resides with the Governor.

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