Frank Smith

When she lost, all Montana lost.

It would never occur to them to actually think, an occupation with which they are largely unfamilar, so it doesn't bother them to be so insensate.

The fools who adore the degenerate can't count. Tester's lead grows with every report and were entirely predictable. I wrote two days ago to the Record that he would win by 10,000 votes. That was an underestimation, it seems, and could go twice as high.

He's going to win by close to 20,000 votes, despite all the outside money being spent against him and the visits from the Liar-In-Chief.

He was winning way more 2:1 in Missoula county. Of course most of the people in that county have an actual education, so what can you expect from that sort of a literate electorate? In Flathead county, it's 3:1. He lost his pissant county by 134 votes. BFD. He's looking out for all of Mont…

Rosendale appealed to all those morons who thought that that coward Gianforte throwing a reporter across the room is a good idea. He appealed to those who never expect Drumpf to tell them the truth about anything. They depend on him to know whom they should be hating and any particular time…

You've summed it up nicely.

Trump has never represented 50% of the people in the state and the country. He's a degenerate, draft dodging, mendacious grifter. I expect you're okay with that, though.

You're right. Rosendale would not allow for abortions under any circumstances. Rape, incest, paedophelia, have no meaning to him. he would force women to bear corpses, fetuses which have no chance of ever taking a single living breath.

Tester should win by 10,000 votes. He'll pick up an edge of 10,000 in Missoula county, 800 in Glacier, 400 in Park, 1,000 in Gallatin, 1,000 in Louis & Clark and 1,500 in Cascade. The only big Rosendale county that's left is Flathead, maybe 2,500. He'll get only 4,000 in the rest that…

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