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Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks need to maintain what they have and quit buying up real estate! Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

Barbara, did you read the bill? I do not see the 80 hour a month requirement in the article, but it was in the bill itself, unless that changed, but i don't think it did.

Medicad work requirements put a burden on the people who have nothing so how can they do the requirements that will cost them "Money"to look for work. 80 hours a month job search is not doable! The will have to take there young children with them on the required search. People in …

I agree Cindy! Coal is outdated and Natural Gas should bridge the gap until totally clean green energy can be perfected. Natural gas is not totally clean, but we have a lot of it, it emits less pollution emissions than coal when burned and there is no coal ash left over from it's burning.

Dennis Broadbrooks commented on Colstrip gets its day on Capitol Hill

What comes out the smoke stack is one thing, but the coal ash left over from burning the coal is another problem that might be the biggest. Think about it, it has to be dealt with 24/7, it does not go away. Very toxic content. How should you pronounce the word coal? Natural Gas!

Dennis Broadbrooks commented on Colstrip gets its day on Capitol Hill

Right on!!!!

So glade for our Montana Hero making progress, we are one big family in Montana and care for each other. We are behind you Trooper Palmer!

Good for President Trump and thank you!!!

I would hope the Glasgow office of the DPHHS would be one of the first to close. I received no help and wasted a trip to try to talk to them. They appeared to have never had the right training or they just didn't want to help. Either way, they shouldn't be there if they cant serve the public!!!

This is just plain old Montana! Thank You Davies family!

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