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State Volleyball

Nov. 8-10

Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, Bozeman

Class AA

Thursday, Nov. 8

Billings West def. Missoula Hellgate 3-0

Helena def. Billings Senior 3-0

Helena Capital def. Great Falls CMR 3-0

Bozeman def. Kalispell Flathead, 3-0 

Billings West def. Helena, 3-2

Helena Capital def. Bozeman, 3-2

Friday, Nov. 9

Missoula Hellgate def. Billings Senior 3-2, loser out

Kalispell Flathead def. Great Falls CMR 3-0, loser out

Bozeman def. Missoula Hellgate 3-1, loser out

Kalispell Flathead def. Helena, 3-2

Helena Capital def. Billings West, 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Bozeman def. Kalispell Flathead, 3-1, loser fourth place

Saturday, Nov. 10

Bozeman def. Billings West 3-0, loser third place

Helena Capital def. Bozeman, 3-1, championship

Class A

Thursday, Nov. 8

Corvallis def. Glendive 3-0

Billings Central def. Columbia Falls 3-0

Libby def. Hardin 3-1

Belgrade def. Whitefish, 3-0

Billings Central def. Corvallis, 3-1

Belgrade def. Libby, 3-0

Friday, Nov. 9

Columbia Falls def. Glendive 3-2, loser out

Hardin def. Whitefish 3-1, loser out

Libby def. Columbia Falls 3-2, loser out

Corvallis def. Hardin, 3-0

Billings Central def. Belgrade, 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Corvallis def. Libby, 3-0, loser fourth place

Saturday, Nov. 10

Belgrade def. Corvallis 3-1, loser third place

Belgrade def. Billings Central, 3-2  

Billings Central def. Belgrade, 3-1, championship

Class B

Thursday, Nov. 8

Roundup def. Choteau, 3-0

Florence def. Joliet, 3-0

Huntley Project def. Wolf Point, 3-1

Fairfield def. Deer Lodge, 3-0

Florence def. Roundup, 3-0

Huntley Project def. Fairfield, 3-0

Friday, Nov. 9

Choteau def. Joliet 3-0, loser out

Wolf Point def. Deer Lodge 3-2, loser out

Choteau def. Fairfield 3-0, loser out

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Roundup def. Wolf Point, 3-1

Huntley Project def. Florence, 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Roundup def. Choteau 3-1, loser fourth place

Saturday, Nov. 10

Florence def. Roundup 3-1, loser third place

Huntley Project def. Florence, 3-0, championship

Class C

Thursday, Nov. 8

Manhattan Christian def. Plentywood 3-2

Simms def. Bridger 3-2

Belt def. Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap 3-1

Ennis def. Scobey, 3-1

Simms def. Manhattan Christian, 3-1

Belt def. Ennis, 3-2

Friday, Nov. 9

Bridger def. Plentywood 3-0, loser out

Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap def. Scobey 3-0, loser out

Bridger def. Ennis 3-0, loser out

Manhattan Christian def. Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap, 3-0

Belt def. Simms, 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Bridger def. Manhattan Christian, 3-0, loser fourth place

Saturday, Nov. 10

Bridger def. Simms 3-0, loser third place

Bridger def. Belt, 3-1

Bridger def. Belt, 3-2, championship

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