Montana Coaches Association Awards

Coach of the Year

Boys' Soccer: AA-Jay Anderson, Missoula Hellgate. A-Ric Plante, Belgrade.

Girls' Soccer: AA-Mike Meloy, Helena. A-Didier Ndidi, Billings Central

Boys' Swimming: AA-M.Helen Houlihan, Missoula Hellgate. A-Robyn O'Nan, Billings Central

Girls' Swimming: AA-M.Helen Houlihan, Missoula Hellgate. A-Robyn O'Nan, Billings Central

Boys' Golf: B-Travis Clark, Shelby. C-Jeff Bellach, Tom Hubers, Manhattan Christian.

Girls' Golf: B-Michael Trudnowski, Missoula Loyola. C-Jeff Bellach, Tom Hubers, Manhattan Christian.

Boys' Tennis: AA-Josh Miller, Billings Senior. A-Christopher Maul-Smith, Corvallis, Mike Flamm, Hardin. B-C-Patti Danforth, Missoula Loyola. 

Girls' Tennis: AA-Anne Bulger, CMR. A-Robert Hislop, Polson. B-C-Carla May, Choteau.

Softball: AA-Mike Miller, Helena Capital. A-Michael Neubauer, Belgrade. B-C-Rob Ralls, Florence-Carlton.

Boys' T&F: AA-Aaron Deck, Glacier. A-Spencer Huls, Corvallis. B-Heather Johnstone, Forsyth. C-Wendy McKitrick, Ennis. 

Girls' T&F: AA-Craig Mettler, Missoula Sentinel. A-Tammi Myers, Beaverhead. B-Susan Loeffler, Bigfork. C-Erika Kimm, Manhattan Christian. 

Scholarship recipients

Ralph Halverson Scholarship: Brynley Fitzgerald, Beaverhead County High School. Cade Johnstone, Forsyth High School.

MCA Scholarships: AA- Caden Harkins, Glacier High School. A- Trey Murphy, Havre High School. B- Logan Taylor, Bigfork High School. C- Kloker, Farview High School

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Frontier Conference/MCA Scholarships: Steven Mortensen, Butte High School. Thomas Reynolds, Shelby High School. 

Assistant Coaches

Robin Smith, C, Bridger, Volleyball. Jeffrey Anderson, AA, Flathead, Wrestling.

MCA Spirit Award

Heather Epperly, Bigfork, Cheer.

Bozeman Trophy Outstanding Contributor Award

Scott King, Malta.

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