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How to choose an Internet service provider

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How would you survive in today’s world without the Internet? With just about everything done by or with the Internet, it’s a wonder we can do anything at all without it.

Our lives are intertwined with the World Wide Web. We need online access for schoolwork, job applications, bill payments, and basic communications.

Choosing the right Internet service provider has never been more crucial. Without a competent and reliable provider, it is difficult to get anything done.

Whether you are moving into a new home or dissatisfied with your current service, keep in mind these factors when choosing an Internet service provider.


Cost is an important consideration when selecting a provider. Most companies charge in monthly increments, so decide what price range best fits your budget.

Faster service will cost more money. Compare prices from several different providers to get the best deal.

You should know the upload and download speeds for each price point. The higher the speed, the better the service.


Types of connections play an important role in selecting an Internet service provider.

Broadband connections are the most popular types of connectivity. It allows you to receive a broadband connection by using a USB modem, mobile phone or a coaxial cable.

DSL is another kind of connection that uses a landline phone.

Finally, there is dial-up connection. While it was very popular years ago, only a few places still have dial-up services available. Speeds are very slow by today’s standards, but these connections may be the only option in some rural areas.


Make a list of what you need to accomplish on the Internet.

If you want to stream movies, study online or telecommute, you will need the fastest connection possible.

However, if you simply want access to email or basic websites, you might be able to settle for a slower service.

Determining the purpose of your connection will prevent you from being disappointed in the service or your bill.


Many Internet providers offer specials to customers. They may give you free service for the first few months, free equipment or upgrades.

Look closely at providers in your area to find a package that suits you. If you have cable or satellite TV, you might be able to get a special discount if you purchase your Internet service from the same company.

Also consider your cell phone provider. Sometimes, your mobile phone company might have a package deal for residential Internet service.

It is all about figuring out what’s best for you.


One of the most critical factors is customer service.

Read reviews of each company. Find out how long each company keeps their customers on hold.

Also, look at how many outages they have. Does the company fix problems on a timely basis? How do they handle defective equipment?

Studying each company will ensure that you will have no surprises after signing a contract.

Once you have conducted the proper research, you will have a better idea of which company will meet your needs.

If possible, sign up for a provider on a trial basis. If you are unsatisfied with the service, connection or products, you can cancel it without paying a penalty.


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