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As auto racer Bobby Unser put it, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Cami Clevenger, owner of Drug Information Systems, is a testament to that statement.

Roughly five years ago, Clevenger purchased the business from her father-in-law, Ron Clevenger. Ron started the business more than 20 years ago in a room at St. Peter’s Hospital. He already worked as a clinical lab scientist but saw a need for a company solely committed to drug testing in the Helena area. When demand grew, Ron transitioned the business to its own location a few blocks from the hospital. Primary operation of the business was later handed down to Ron’s son and Cami’s husband, Todd Clevenger.

After Todd secured a full-time job elsewhere, Ron and Todd looked to Cami as the best successor of the business. Cami had recently graduated from Helena College with a degree in business and was working three different jobs to help support her two kids. When the offer was made to take over the business, Cami leapt at the chance.

“It was the excitement of the American dream of owning your own business,” she said.

As the owner of Drug Information Systems, Clevenger provides drug testing services for businesses, families, and individuals. Breath alcohol testing is available as well as testing done with urine, saliva and hair samples. Cami also does supervisory training for local businesses to educate on the signs and symptoms of a drug or alcohol user/abuser and how to handle issues discretely. While she admits that dealing with these types of issues in the workplace can be challenging, they are too important to avoid.

“It’s immensely important to confront people,” she said. “You might save a life.”

Clevenger’s commitment extends beyond the business aspect of things. She offers support to the troubled users she works with and educates them about the long-term benefits of quitting. Whether it’s being a listening ear or helping connect them with a counselor or rehab program, she is determined to help in any way.

“It’s completely rewarding to see people keep coming in and continuing to work on getting better,” said Cami. “I feel like I’m making the world a better place and not all job positions can say that.” 

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