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TRUMP, describing how veterans used to wait weeks and months for a VA appointment: "For the veterans, we passed VA Choice. ... (Now) they immediately go outside, find a good local doctor, get themselves fixed up and we pay the bill." — Florida rally.

TRUMP: "They've been trying to get VA Choice for over 40 years. Couldn't do it. I got it. We signed it six months ago." — Michigan rally.

TRUMP: "Instead of waiting in line for two days, two weeks, two months, people waiting on line — they're not very sick, by the time they see a doctor, they are terminally ill — we give them Choice. If you have to wait for any extended period of time, you go outside, you go to a local doctor, we pay the bill, you get yourself better, go home to your family — and we got it passed. We got it done." — remarks at tank factory.

TRUMP: "No administration has accomplished — probably, you could say this with absolute surety — in the first two years anywhere near what we have accomplished. Whether it's the tax cuts; whether it's regulation cuts; whether it's the Veterans Administration — what we've done with the Veterans Administration with Choice and so many other things that nobody thought would be possible to get passed." — remarks Tuesday.

TRUMP: "Another one they said could never get passed, they have been trying to do it for 40 years, we passed VA Choice. Veterans Choice. ... VA Choice, they would wait on line for days and weeks, they couldn't see a doctor. Now, they go out, they have a choice. They get a private doctor, they have things taken care of, and we pay their bills." — El Paso rally.