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While the original Lunchables might not be the healthiest option in the world, this dietitian approved adult Lunchable from @chicago.dietitian is packed with fresh produce, protein, and healthy fats. It takes just minutes to assemble.

Science communicator and sustainability enthusiast @sciencebyashley shares a few helpful tips on keeping produce fresher for longer, including allowing green onions to continue to grow for months by storing them in water, and keeping spinach fresh for longer by folding up a paper towel in the bag.

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As your produce ripens and begins to rot, fruit flies are attracted to it and lay up to 500 eggs on the surface of the food. When the eggs hatch and become larvae, they are officially an infestation and continue to feed on the fermenting food. The entire egg-to-adult-fly life cycle takes only a week, so your home can seemingly be pest-free one day and infested the next.

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Reports of food shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic are not hard to find. But for every story about hoarding or a meat shortage, there are reports of farmers dumping millions of gallons of milk or plowing over vegetable crops.

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This green is related to spinach but has a bit of an earthier flavor. The most popular varieties are rainbow chard and Swiss chard. It should look healthy, bright and green when picked. The leaves are high in vitamin K but also naturally high in sodium, so beware how much salt you add when cooking.

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