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Create a consistent routine before a test, including getting plenty of rest the night prior to a test and eating a really good breakfast the day of. Breakfast should include plenty of protein to help with concentration. It’s also best to avoid sugary foods and drinks, as well as caffeine.

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Despite the popularity of the soft drink, it is linked to various chronic diseases, containing carbonated water, added sugar, high-fructose co…

Since caffeine is in so many different foods and drinks, it's easy for kids — or grownups — to get more than they should without realizing it.

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Caffeine lovers on your list will enjoy this award-winning coffee maker. It's a snap to make smooth-tasting cold brew at home. Add ground coffee to the brew filter, pour in cold water and pop the carafe in the fridge overnight. Extra points for adding a box of Dunkin' or Starbucks cold brew coffee packs to the bag.

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Drinking a couple of cups of coffee or caffeinated tea is a proven way to jump-start attention. That's because caffeine increases neuron firing in the brain, which also triggers the release of adrenaline that causes your heart to beat faster.

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One study found that a mix of caffeine, bright light and face washing with cold water helped jump-start alertness after a short nap.

Work. Family. Money. Traffic. The list of things stressing us out these days seems to be getting longer every day. If all that stress is making you feel a bit foggy in the mornings when you are trying to jump-start your day, know that you are not alone. But there are foods that can help you power up your cognitive engines and bolster your healthy diet. Check out this list of four foods that can help fuel your brain.

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Similar to chocolate, products containing caffeine are also harmful for dogs due to their effects as stimulants. Like theobromine, caffeine ca…

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