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The trails themselves never closed during the shutdown of public spaces amid the coronavirus pandemic in some areas, so in reality, little ever changed for mountain bikers.

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If the pastel cottages and eggshell white chapels of Seaside seem too quaint to be real, that was part of the plan. While the land for the “old-fashioned beach town” project was purchased in 1946, building didn’t begin in earnest until the 1970s. The town looks like such a step back in time to Norman Rockwell-era, idyllic America that it served as the set for the Jim Carrey hyper-reality movie “The Truman Show.”

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People often look at bike commuters in cold-weather climates like they’re crazy, but cyclists quickly learn that it doesn’t take long to warm up. Most of the time, the ride is much more pleasant than standing to wait for a bus or a train. Cyclists also learn that well-ventilated shoes designed for the summer are a major liability in the cold. The rest of your body may be toasty, but it’s tough to keep your feet warm without some help. Of course, if you have a pair of Gore C5 Windstopper Insulated Overshoes, you’ll be smiling on the whole ride. These booties that go over your shoes are both windproof and water-resistant. The PrimaLoft insulation does wonders to keep your feet warm without feeling too bulky. A full-length zipper makes them easy to take on and off, and a velcro strap on the sole lets you dial in a perfect fit. They’re even reflective to help motorists see you better when riding in the dark. Even if you’re not a bike commuter, you’ll find these overshoes can extend your cycling season—that sunny day in January might be a good day for a bike ride after all.

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